In all reality, we’re already there to some degree. The infrastructure has been put in place for the past 50-60 years. It’s getting switched on now. When a global governing body, in this case the WTO, begins dictating to nation-states when they can and can’t fine other countries, whether one country owes another or not for perceived violations of international law, you no longer have a handle on your own nations’ sovereignty. Found this very interesting. From WTO Allows Brazil to Fine U.S. (Archive)

American goods will face around $295 million in annual sanctions as a result of the United States’ failure to eliminate illegal subsidies to U.S. cotton growers, the World Trade Organization ruled Monday.

The question though for all of us is, how much further will it go? And how willing is our own government willing to give over even more sovereignty to these global governing bodies? And how does our Constitution play into this?