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Calvin on Man’s Righteousness Compared to God’s

Aroused consciences, when they have to do with God, feel this [free justification in Christ alone] to be the only asylum in which they can breathe safely. For if the stars which shine most brightly by night lose their brightness on the appearance of the sun, what do we think will be the case with the highest purity of man when contrasted with the purity of God? For the scrutiny will be most strict, penetrating to the most hidden thoughts of the heart.

Fundamentalism Compared and Contrasted with Reformed Theology

(Taken from Monergism.com on the Worldviews Section)

Fundamentalism and its Similarities with Reformed Theology

1: The inspiration and verbal inerrancy of Scripture
2: The Deity of Christ and the virgin Birth
3: The substitutionary atonement
4: Justification by faith
5: The physical resurrection
6: The bodily return of Christ at the end of the age.
7: Christ performed miracles

Fundamentalism and its Differences with Reformed Theology

1: The absence of historical perspective;
2: Ignores the Scriptures highly diverse literary genres
3: The lack of appreciation of scholarship; aversion toward any secondary theological training; anti-intellectual & often legalistic
4: The substitution of brief, skeletal, superficial creeds for the historic confessions.
5: The lack of concern with precise formulation of Christian doctrine; highly averse to theology
6: Pietistic, perfectionist tendencies (i.e., major upon “issues” such as protesting
Harry Potter movies; separating with Christians who are not KJV only);
7: One-sided other-worldliness – reclusive: church separate from the culture-the holy huddle (i.e., a lack of effort to impact their communities & transform culture); and a penchant for futuristic chiliasm (or: dispensational pre-millennialism).
8: Arminian tendency in theology (synergistic)

UPDATE 4.19.2012: Oddly enough, I’ve also noticed some of these tendencies within hyper-calvinist strains of fundamentalism. As opposed to being averse to theology, they take it up with gusto and are very concerned with precision. I guess you could call it the other end of the spectrum of fundamentalism.

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