I’m warning you in advance: there are quite a few middle fingers and maybe a few obscenities screamed out in the background. But I post this to simply show the kind of utopian world liberals demand we all live in. And if you object … well just watch. In posting this, I do not think conservatives are morally better people because we’re all jacked up. Conservatives exhibit Pharisaical attitudes many times, whereas liberals many times (as shown in this video) will exhibit the attitudes of Herod or Nero. Both camps, at their worst, were murderers in the Scriptures.

But I do want to point out, at merely the intellectual level, the blatant contradiction in ideology and practice of the pure liberalism here in Manhattan. I believe this is quite telling about how “unity” is defined between liberals and conservatives. And the quote at the end I think sums it all up: “The leftist idea of unity is, and always has been … the elimination of dissent.” That attitude is clearly displayed here.

Now I know there have always been some conservatives who have exhibited the same kind of behavior toward homosexual people or toward others they disagree with, which is wrong. However, I would submit to you they are in the minority. This is taking a walk through a public section of a major city, not just one small segment. This is the leftist ideology at its essence. Many liberals talk all day long about being sensitive to all kinds of people from differing views. Yet I see very little of that attitude exhibited here.