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The Nostalgic Power of Music

There are some songs that simply have the power to overwhelm you emotionally. At certain points in life, you may have heard a song that connected with you during really great or really difficult times or you associate a song with your childhood. For me, one of those songs is Mozart’s Moonlight Sonata. When I was a toddler, I remember well my mother playing this song and sitting there in amazement at how the song made me feel, not really being able to explain or verbalize it all that much, but knowing and feeling its sadness.

How To Respond To The Economic Crisis

While there is a plethora of bad news that continues coming out concerning the economy, and the fog of  economic uncertainty (and in some cases dire certainty) continues to creep in amongst communities all over the country, something we believers need to make sure we’re doing is responding to these trials in a way that glorifies God. And using this as an opportunity to share the Gospel to those who don’t know Him.

Though things may certainly not get as bad as many of the top economists and investment advisers in the country are saying it will get, certainly people are already being impacted by job losses, monetary loss, all kinds of loss. Yet, it is in these very times that God’s power shines its brightest in our lives. The Gospel works great power in weakness. “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Hurricane Wilma

This thing is unbelievably strong. 175+ MPH sustained winds as of right now, with possible strengthening. It has broken records all over the place, one being that it is the lowest pressure ever measured for an Atlantic storm. The pressure is currently at 882 mb, breaking the Hurricane Gilbert record of 888. Hopefully it will die down before it hits Florida, but God is sovereign, reigning from above in controlling this and every event that occurs, big and small, in all creation. He is wise and knows what He’s doing.

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