I installed the new AIM today and I am not impressed at all. First of all, it won’t even let you download the actuall install file. Rather, you download an executable that downloads it for you, and then runs the install. The download seems rather bulky as well and took way too long to download because of its size. Once I launched the application after a rather lengthy install, I came to see how much has been changed. For one, they took away the ability to add SSL certificates to encrypt your conversations. But the most annoying they they’ve done is made it to where AIM installs the AIM Toolbar install Internet Explorer without asking you, and changes your homepage to www.aimtoday.com. That really ticked me off, so I removed it went back to the version right before this latest one. I am not impressed at all. I don’t like the new layout, it’s bulky, they took away features and added newer, more annoying one’s. AOL, GoogleTalk is looking better everyday.