You know, I just don’t get these Democrat Senators attempting to pull something out of Alito that just isn’t there, specifically Feinstein, Kennedy, and Schumer. In an attempt to flex their political muscle power, throw their weight around, and hopefully get recognition from the American people for upcoming elections to overthrow Rupublican control of congress, they are shooting themselves in the foot instead. It’s backfiring. They are making themselves look highly foolish. Not only have so many of the questions been without a basis, but the questions have been very easily answered by Alito and he has thwarted their plans to expose him for something he’s not. The Democratic party is desperate. Is this what they’ve been reduced to? This goes back to a main point about the integrity of these people in particular. They talk all day about doing good to humanity, being selfless in their love for others, and yet in their actions, clearly displayed before the American people, they are anything but selfless. Granted, both sides of the political spectrum within this country are full of faults (mainly because of man’s inner corruption from the fall), but I do believe that Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot much more than Republicans are. Their main goals in these hearings are to 1) overthrow a Republican Surpreme Court judicial nominee, and 2) attempt to convince the American people the Democracts are better politicians than the Republicans and regain control over Congress. I guess I just find it funny to see them get so mad and forceful in these hearings when the content of what they are saying is lacking in reason and totally without a basis.