Well I contacted Current Communications last night via email and this is the response I got from them …

“Dear David Westerfield,

Thank you for contacting Current Communications. We have just recently worked out a partnership with TXU in Texas, and hope to work out deals with others so that they can also offer our service. We do not, unfortunately have a specific area in mind to begin, as this largely depends on which areas we get the most initial requests in as well as the preferences of the power company themselves.

We hope to have service in some areas by late this year. You can search for particular addresses on our website under ‘learn more’ then ‘service availability’ and this will also let us know where people are looking for it.
If you have a power company other than TXU, I would suggest contacting them and asking if or when they intend to have broadband over power line service.

Once again I thank you for contacting Current Communications. You can also contact our Customer Support Office at the following number: 1-877-7PLUGIN (1-877-775-8446).

Thank you,
Darrell Smith”

Well, there it is. It’s not quite here yet. But can you blame me for being excited? Oh well, it looks like SBC is also working diligently to get their Project Lightspeed going to more customers as well. So I guess we’ll see who gets here first … Project Lightspeed