People like Pat Robertson need to keep their mouths shut, lest they fall into greater condemnation. With comments like that, I don’t understand how he understands the Gospel at all. Since when did he become God’s spokesman as to whether or not the wrath of God is being poured out on someone for their actions? If you haven’t heard, Pat Robertson came out and said that Ariel Sharon’s stroke is due to giving up part of Israel to the Palestinian’s and God is pouring out His wrath on him for such an act. My question is, how did he possess this divine, infallible knowledge? Has not God already spoken in Christ and is now silent in regard to spoken revelation to men? God has nothing more to say to man other than what He’s spoken through Christ, revealed in Scripture. The Scriptures are complete. God has spoken. So how does Robertson suppose he has gained some insight into the mind of God as to whether a specific action is related to its resultant punishment? People like Robertson really deface and defame the name of Christ and make Him out to be a fool rather than the Son of God. And he’s supposed to be a spokesman for Christ? He doesn’t even seem to understand the fundamental principle’s of the Gospel! How is he in any way a spokesman for the wrath of God? Does he have Scriptural support for such a statement? And if so, is it in any way a scholarly assessment? For all of you who don’t believe in Christ, you need not listen to people like Robertson as to what Christianity is all about. He presents it as if it’s doing good deeds to get a good outcome, where the opposite is true: you already have the outcome in Christ’s death and resurrection and now do those deeds in response to God’s great mercy in Christ. It is finished in Christ, so throw off your own works, righteousness, and deeds and put on the Lord Jesus, apprehending Him by faith. You need to read people like Spurgeon in his book All of Grace, where he so beautifully presents Jesus Christ as the great Lord and Savior. Robertson presents a very untrue, false Gospel that does not line up with Scripture and presents you with a works-based salvation that is in no way consistent with the Scriptures.