We must do something about the border problem. It has nothing to do with race. If Japan was bordering the US and illegal immigrants were pouring over our border into our country, the response would be the same. It has everything to do with preserving our country and our way of life. In addition this is a huge security hole with vast implications all over the board, namely, terrorism, amongst a host of other things. No one ever thought 9/11 would happen. And we must be vigilant to seal every possible hole in our country to prevent other clever attacks by the enemy. There have been recent stand-offs along the Texas/Mexico border (Texas Deputies Threatened After Border Standoff, Texas officials seek border help, Sheriff Lucio testifies of border dangers, Alien smuggling suspect shoots at Ariz. Border Patrol officers). There have also been a series of tunnels discovered going from the US to Mexico (Tons Of Marijuana Found In Border Tunnel, Border Tunnel Is Called ‘Amazing’). This is a serious problem and if the people responsible for the smuggling see that we aren’t standing up to this issue boldly enough, they will indeed take advantage of it. Members of the MS-13 gang have been reported to be apart of this as well, including the trafficing of drugs, immigrants, and embezzling money. They are also becoming a growing threat in Houston, Dallas, and El Paso (amongst several other places). If we don’t take care of this problem now, it will fester, grow, and escalate into a problem beyond what we may think could possibly happen. We sit fat and happy in this nation, not considering the possibility even that we could be over-run, but it’s happened before in times past with other nations. We must have foresight on this issue and stomp it out before we’re over-run down here. I’m definitely glad that the Senate is actually beginning to see this as a big problem and passing bills to stop it, but we’ve already let it become a rather large problem by integrating illegal immigrants into our economy (using them as cheap labor generally speaking), and we are now stuck in some ways. So now, as a result, it will be even more difficult to get a handle on the problem. In addition, the very fact that we are stepping up the defense of our border means that the people responsible (MS-13 and possibly the corrupt individuals within the Mexican military) for channeling drugs, immigrants and money across the border will inevitably step up their ambitions.