Immigration Rallies Draw Thousands Nationwide

If we do not do something now about the out-of-control illegal immigration problem, there will be severe consequences down the road. Except really, we are already seeing some of these consequences now. If they keep illegals out of the states the way they are proposing, we could partially take a hit to our economy (though I question how true those actual facts are). But personally, I believe it’s worth it. Though I’m not a huge fan of the way he acts on his opinions, I do have to agree with Michael Savage when he says the three things that make a country what it is are borders, language, and culture. Which one of these have we lost to some degree? Well, all of them. We barely have a border to the north and to the south, we now have billboards in English and Spanish, and our culture is just becoming chaotic in many ways (and it will only continue to get worse in the future if we feed this problem anymore than we already have). So I am all for these laws, even if they are hard for a time. Understand that I love LEGAL immigration, but cannot stand ILLEGAL immigration. If you come here legally, by all means, make a life for yourself. But if you come here illegally, how can you be trusted to act as a decent citizen when your premise for coming here was wrong to begin with?