U.S. Crackdown Set Over Hiring of Immigrants

Well, finally, I have some news that makes me proud of the authorities in this country. Apparently the Department of Homeland Seurity will start cracking down on the employers who hire illegal immigrants. These illegal practices (both the employers and the employees practices) are bad for the econonomy, 1) because the employers pay the illegals below the minimum wage level, which then in turn 2) doesn’t give the employees a decent amount of money to put back into the economy, and 3) the employers get out of paying taxes like everyone else, plus 4) it’s just simply illegal, and illegal practices are always bad for the economy in the long-run. I believe this is the best route to go for taking care of this illegal immigration problem. We don’t need to round people up and deport them, we don’t need to give citizenship to people just because they are here, we just need to cut off their source of pay: the employers who hire them. I think this will also send a very clear message to businesses within our society that this is serious business and it’s wrong. The employers are doing the illegals a disservice as well by encouraging them to live as outcasts of society. So this whole crackdown, if it pans out, will be the best solution to take care of the problem.