Several weeks ago, there was a new telco station that went up near my house, along with a new tower right next to 820 and 30. And then within the past couple of weeks, cable crews have been out in my neighborhood laying new cable. I wasn’t sure if it was the cable company (i.e. Charter Comm) or SBC/AT&T, but I’m very sure now. They appeared to lay the cable from the telco station into my neighborhood (though I wasn’t sure if that’s where it was actually coming from). I haven’t been able to tell who actually owned the new telco station until this morning. As I was driving into work, and went past the new station, there were three SBC trucks setting up equipment within the new station. So obviously, SBC owns the telco station, and so I’m very positive that VDSL (or ADSL2+) is getting much closer to coming to fruition at least within my neighborhood. I’m very excited. I don’t know what speeds they’ll be offering, but I’m sure it will be substantially faster than it is now. How cool …

Update 11:48 a.m. on April 7, 2006

AT&T U-Verse
It appears the initial maximum speeds will be 6 mbps down / 1 mbps up. That’s still significantly faster than it is now … sweetness. And maybe it will be more stable dern it!