How has the Gospel affected you today? by Pastor John Samson

This was a really good blog entry on about how the Gospel is the very power that not only saves us but changes us and transforms us “in the renewal of our minds” (Romans 12:2) in order that we become more and more conformed to Christ, loving the things He loves, and hating the things He hates (namely sin and unrighteousness). The power of the cross of Christ can overcome the worst of sin problems and we must cling to Him, constantly looking to Him and His cross, that He shed His blood to reconcile us from hell, sin, wrath, but most of all to reconcile us to Himself, that we may be in close intimate relationship with Him once again. How amazing! What a wonderful God, that He would so humbly set aside His heavenly dwelling to become one us, die on the cross, and rise from grave for our wicked souls that hated Him! How wonderful that we can now have personal intimacy with the God of the universe in Christ, through His cross. How I pray we would all apply the Gospel to our daily lives and constantly preach the cross of Christ to our souls that we may not boast in anything within ourselves or despair because of our sinful behavior, but press on toward maturity in light of Gospel, being forever changed by its power.