If you’re going to see it tonight, just know that the historical “facts” claimed in the movie are mostly false. Brown mixes enough truth with lies to make his historical assessment of Christianity seem true, but it is indeed false, false beyond measure. He is no historian, and he is no scholar by any means. And yet he claims the history within his book is true. He has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about on so many points. For example, it is asserted in the story that the idea of Christ being God was first introduced in the 4th century at the Council of Nicea. In the book it states,

“‘Jesus’ establishment as ‘the Son of God’ was officially proposed and voted on by the Council of Nicaea.’” (p. 233)

Absolutely False. The idea of Christ being God is clearly shown in the Gospel’s, in Paul’s letters, and other letters of the NT, written shortly (a few decades) after Christ’s death and resurrection. Even atheistic scholars agree on this!

Just take the whole movie as fiction, and enjoy it for what it is: a decent fictional conspiratorial movie that isn’t in any way based on the reality of the history of Christianity.