Courtney and I went out to Piranha Killer Sushi in downtown Fort Worth last night for her birthday dinner, and man was the food awesome. But the service was less than average; I really think it was just our waiter because everyone else seemed to be getting better service, but that’s neither here nor there … I believe that aspect was just random. We started out with vegetable tempura (fried vegetables) and that was really good. Then we ordered a Spider Roll (which was just amazing, one of my personal favorites), salmon, tuna, eel, and shrimp sashimi, two california rolls and a salmon sushi roll. The presentation of all the food was incredible, very artistic. It was all so awesome, we had a great time, and I highly recommend going there. It had an awesome atmosphere (kind of Neo-Asian/Fusion). The main issues we had with our waiter is that there was one point where he didn’t even check on us for a good 20 minutes. But again, I believe it just happened to be our waiter and not the overall service there. Two thumbs up to Piranha Killer Sushi!

Sundance Square – Piranha Killer Sushi

335 W. Third Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102