Earth warmest in at least 400 years, panel finds –

Now let me start off by saying that I am in no way disputing the data that has come out from this panel. I’m sure it’s accurate. What I do question though is whether these scientists have done long term data studies to see if this happened back several thousand years ago, like many other scientists have done; or are they simply ignoring all the long-term data that other scientists have already published? Sure okay, the Earth is the warmest it has been in 400 years. But what about 2000, 4000, 6000, 10000 years ago? The data has already come out concerning this: we are in a natural warming phase of the Earth based on cyclical patterns analyzed by many other scientists besides this panel. And really, scientists are in agreement that the Earth is warming, but most agree that it is not caused by man-induced pollution. I mean come on, can you really conclude much from the past 400 years or even 1000 years? If you want to be logical about it, you need to take a step back and analyze data from several millenia to make an accurate assessment. This has already been done. And this is why I personaly conclude that this is just another political agenda thrown out by libs to try and win Capital Hill back from conservatives. They’re trying to look like the good-guys who are pro-environment, pro-nature, and the conservatives are the bad guys, destroying the forests, ruining the Earth, and thus (as many libs have hinted) conservatives are the cause of the hurricanes. This is non-sense. Most libs pollute just as much as conservatives. You can’t tell me all the hollywoodites don’t waste and consume products any less than their conservative counterparts, can you?