Drinking coffee cuts alcohol’s harmful effects – MSNBC.com

Apparently drinking coffee prevents cirrhosis of the liver. I found a quote interesting in this article though that a doctor said concerning those who drink heavily and are in danger of cirrhosis. “The way to avoid getting ill is not to drink a lot of coffee, but to cut down on the drinking” of alcohol, he said. That’s very good logic, is it not? Makes sense. Why is it when the topic of sex is brought up though, this same logic doesn’t apply any longer? Logic is simply thrown out of the window!

Aside from the Biblical moral argument for sex staying only within the confines of marriage, the best way to keep from getting some sexually-transmitted disease(s), becoming pregnant (possibly ruining your prospects for a future), or for that matter, inevitably bringing levels of emotions into a relationship you are not ready to be committed to, is to just not have sex until you are married, right? Well, for some reason, the corrupt, sinful human mind begs to differ. It says, “Well, you just can’t apply the same logic here, because, well, it’s just a totally different thing.” But is it really? Drinking is not necessarily a bad thing, when handled correctly, when it’s not in excess, when you have one or two glasses with dinner. But when it’s taken to an extreme, into alcoholism, it causes cirrhosis of the liver. Too much of anything is bad for a person. Too much food results in obesity, too much water thins out your blood, too much medicine will … you get the idea, fill in the blank.

God Himself created, designed sex and it is indeed a great thing. I’m in no way saying that sex is bad and should be limited. Non-Christians seem to think that’s what Christian’s think. This is just not true. Sex an incredibly wonderful gift from God to man! But God designed it in such a way so that it is only a great thing in the confines of where it was meant to take place: within marriage alone. Just as food and water and alcohol have limitations on them that if carried over past their respective boundaries result in undesired effects, so also, sex, when taken outside of the context of marriage and it’s boundary, will inevitably result in self-destruction of the soul. God doesn’t give us rules, laws, and regulations to make us miserable. He gives us these things for our own good. I mean He’s God! Don’t you think He knows what’s best for His creation?

Only man can take a blessing from God, turn it into an idol (setting it up as God) and distort it to bring about self-destruction and condemnation upon himself. However, it’s inevitable that with the human condition as deteriorated as it is because of sin, man will never see it as God sees it, unless He changes hearts and gives them divine understanding. The world simply says, “Do what feels good to you, that’s all that matters. Sex doesn’t hurt anyone else, it’s your own business.” Man shakes his fist at abstinence, because that is constraining his ability to do whatever he wants. Man wants the freedom God has and will fight to the death to make this freedom his own. This is why abstinence is just not an answer to the world, because man wants to be God. He wants to do “what feels right” in his own eyes. But just because man thinks it’s okay in his mind, doesn’t mean that the consequences won’t be devastating to his soul.

If I have an equation (just for arguments sake, 2 + x = 4) that determines the correct course of a rocket blasting off into space, and I know it equals 4, but have one unknown variable I need to figure out; but I want x to be whatever I want it to be because I don’t want to be limited to the equation; someone tells me (because apparently I’m too dumb to know) I need to make x = 2 for the equation to work; and let’s say I make x = 3; what does that actually do to the end result? It would actually force the answer to be 5 instead of 4, and will cause the rocket to go off course. God is absolute reality, He is absolute truth. He defines what’s right and wrong. He’s revealed these things to us in scripture. Yet man turns from these divine definitions and pursues what he wants. And the end result is devastating, and ultimately it leads man straight to hell.

And so it would seem logical for man to just do what God says, submit to His sovereign rule and authority; but man is illogical and sins, turns away from God. Man takes the things God says to do and doesn’t do them, but then takes the things God says not to do and does them instead! And this is every single person on the earth. But Christ came in order to bring us back into the reality of the defined reality God has created. He came and took the punishment that was ours for our wrong-doing and offered Himself up on the cross, that if you believe in Him you will be saved from the depths of God’s just wrath for your illogical wrong-doing.