Cindy Sheehan admits she would rather live under Hugo Chavez’s rule than Bush’s – (MSN Video)

I’m not one to label all liberals communists. That’s absurd. But this sure did catch my attention today, and proves that at least some liberals are indeed communist sympathizers and would rather live under that system than our democratic one. Yeah okay, Cindy, why don’t you walk what you’re talking, go and live down in Venezuela under that communist regime and tell me exactly what things are like. Why don’t you tell of the oppression, violence, guerilla war-fare, drug-related violence along the Colombian border, the disease, poverty, and the unstable economy where the leaders irresponsibly have their economic stake primarily in oil (the price of which fluctuates so violently). Yeah let’s see how much you like the conditions there vs. the conditions within the U.S. under the Presidency of Bush, where you have the freedom to think and speak what you please, as well as the economic support that gives your whole agenda life. A lot of hot air coming our of this lady … I mean if people don’t like it here, why don’t they just leave? I don’t get it. Why stay here if you feel so persecuted? Why not just move on to what you deem to be the ideal, perfect government, in this case a communist country?