Some may ask, how in the world do the covenants practically relate to my relationship with Christ. Well it’s simple and it plainly gets down to the nuts and bolts of the Gospel itself. Recently I was talking with someone who had been reading through the Old Testament and as they were reading through it, they became more and more downcast in their relationship with Christ and feeling unworthy to approach Him. This person saw all these laws, stipulations, and requirements, and it just brought despair and self-loathing. How can I ever measure up, they thought. And my response was simply, that’s the point! This person didn’t understand the differences between the Old and New Covenants and thought the New Covenant in Christ was simply an addition to the Old one. Rather it abolishes the Old because it fulfills it. The Old Covenant, with all of it’s laws and regulations, cannot save us. As soon as you start comparing yourself to it, you will find that you are absolutely hopeless to bring any right thing on your own before God. The Old Covenant brings self-deprication when a person seriously examines their life in comparison. However, the Old Covenant points to a new one that would come, and indeed already has come. The New Covenant is the fulfillment of the Old Covenant through the perfect obedience and work of Christ. God the Son came to this earth, putting on human flesh and subjected Himself to the law, obeying it perfectly. He then suffered under the wrath of God on the cross on behalf of anyone who believes in Him. He then gives them the very thing they need to enter the presence of God, His perfect record. By faith in Jesus Christ, because of His work on the cross, He gives us His very righteousness, perfect record, and obedience. Once I conveyed this to this person I was talking with, they suddenly saw that Christ’s work itself is the new Covenant on behalf of believers. Here is an excellent resource pertaining to this … … nants.html