Are we this naive, that we would take the bait? Recently in the news we find out that a Chinese submarine was following a fleet of U.S. ships, going undetected for a time. In addition, Iran released a video clip of one of their drones viewing a U.S. aircraft carrier over in the Middle East. Could it be these countries are testing the waters to see where they stand in relation to us technologically? If they ever attacked us, would we have the guts and even the might to contain them? I’m just not so sure anymore. China has a massive military. If these and other countries have the same technology we do, who are we to think we couldn’t be taken over? Do we have the fighting spirit it would take to stop an attack here by these countries?

Well, this could make you fearful, but praise God that as believers in Christ, our status here or in the next world is not dependent upon any nation standing or falling but is dependent on Christ alone and His work on our behalf. Nations rise and nations fall, but the Lord Christ remains the same now and forever. This is our hope and in Him we should not fear. People will ultimately fail us, governments and nations will as well. But Christ will never fail us. In Him, we are “more than conquerors”! And His graces, purchased through His perfect obedience in His submission to the cross, sealed in His resurrection, is what makes us right before God. Even if America were attacked (and eventually I do not believe we will stand), we have perfect acceptance with God for all eternity because of Christ’s work for us. What could be better than that? God is for us in Christ! So if we live in peace, or go through tumultuous times and die, we have all we will ever need in Christ. This is our one perfect hope, that we get God Himself for all eternity. O Father, send your Spirit to change my heart that I may see Jesus Christ clearer. Your love to me is not defined by whether nations rise or fall, but on Christ’s work alone. Give me and others reading this a love for Jesus, Father, the only thing that matters, that surpasses all our circumstances.

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