I have to say … we Republicans have brought this on ourselves. And here’s why … those touting the name Republican aren’t really conservative. A house divided against itself will not stand – and so it has indeed fallen in this campaign. Many within our party, for quite a while now, have not been truly conservative, but have used the label Republican simply as a way to get votes and maintain political control and power, all the while possessing blue-blood in many instances (as Rush put it). A majority of Republicans have become so political that they have lost what true conservativism was all about to begin with, taking “conservative” stances on abortion, the economy, of which I agree with them on, and yet really not accomplishing much in these areas. Bush has been full steam ahead concerning the war on terror, making bullheaded decisions that have not worked out. And yet while being so gung-ho about the war on terror (which I am also gung-ho for), he’s left the back door wide opened and now we have a massive illegal immigration problem. And on top of that he is more liberal on immigration reform than many liberals, promoting amnesty even! It makes no sense. Are you conservative or not? Are you actually concerned about the war on terror or just your legacy with this war? And yet this type of thought is what has characterized our party as a whole, now bringing about its demise, at least for now. And with this type of duplicity, it is no wonder we have now lost both the house and senate. Republicans really need to return to true conservativism and abandon what our party has become: fake, political, and dishonorable. Many Republican politicians have used “conservative values” as a smokescreen and I think people are tired of it.

Republicans must now regroup and go back to the drawing board. And ultimately, conservatives, particularly us Gospel-believing, Christ-loving conservatives need to apply the Gospel to politics once again and actually live the Gospel out. I think this win for the Democrats will be a good thing for the humbling of the religious-right and our Pharisaism. We need it, all of us. When we see people that we think are more sinful than us, take heed lest we fall too. We are not better than anyone else, we are all in a state of depravity that we in and of ourselves can do nothing about and we are all desperately in need of God’s grace in the granting of repentance and faith to turn from our own wickedness and instead turn to Christ, the author and founder of our faith. He and He alone, through the preaching of the Word and living out of the Gospel, is the only one who can bring about change in the hearts of people. Just attempting to make people moral by changing policies will not change people’s hearts. Only Christ can do this. The disciples asked Christ after the rich man ran away from Christ, “Who then can be saved?” And Christ’s response was, “With man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.” The Holy Spirit alone is the only agent that can produce change in any of us. We must preach the Gospel in both word and deed. This is what the Republican party needs more than anything else: the Gospel.