May take a minute to pull up; it’s a PDF of a declassified document published recently called 2006 Technology Collection Trends published by the Defense Security Service. It speaks about the upswing in certain information collection trends (such as direct contact by foreign contractors and government entities to US government contracted firms, such as Lockheed) to obtain information about US defense weapons systems, aeronautic systems, and information systems. The only reason I thought it was notable was because the major increase in technology information obtainment came from Asian government entities. And the upswing from 2005 to 2006 was apparently fairly large, indicating a probable increase in arms development and research in the region. In one particular instance they cited (where all info concerning the situation remains anonymous), two foreign contractors contacted a US gov contractor to look at repair plans on a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) under production at a classified facility. The US contractor declined, but the two foreign contractors showed up anyway within a week requesting access to the classified facility where the UAV resides. He repeatedly denied them access and just kept them updated at their hotel as to the status of what was going on. So it appears that instead of covertly attempting to obtain information through illegal means (though that is still used of course), foreign entities are increasingly just asking the contractors directly for access to a facility or for specific information that the contractor may not be aware is classified. And it’s working apparently in many instances. I just thought it was fairly interesting thing to flip through since some of this stuff never gets reported, though this did apparently … … -9819r.htm