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“‘I don’t have the slightest doubt that it [socialism] is the only path to the redemption of our peoples, the salvation of our fatherland,’ Chavez told lawmakers to applause. He said he believes that socialism — not capitalism — is the only way to guarantee well-being not only for Venezuela, but the world.”

Yeah, because it worked out so well historically for, I don’t know, the former USSR, Cuba, China, North Korea, Vietnam, and Eastern Europe (which includes the Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Georgia, and many others)? Yeah, socialism is the hope of the world, I agree, and has been proven in economic experiments over and over again since Karl Marx thought it up. Not that Capitalism is the hope of the world either, but one system at least promotes efficient economic development while the other one inefficiently does the same, and ultimately hurts an economy in the long-run and promotes instability of the kind that Russia and all of the Eastern European nations are still trying to recover from.