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I cannot imagine what I would do if I had no hope of a future resurrection in Christ while reading this article. It could be these are simply nay-sayers, but regardless, even the scriptures themselves speak of a bleak outlook for humanity (that is apart from Christ who will renew all creation in the end). Even if we were to die from the world going into mass chaos, large mobs forming, and undemocratic, marxist-style forces emerging to govern us, our hope does not lie here and what we can obtain or hold on to. This is a very bleak report from the Ministry of Defence in Britain about the future state of the world.

However, if I read this without the proper Biblical lens through which we see the final end to which God purposed all creation, namely His glory, I would be full of fear. But despite whatever man says will happen, and even if it were worse than what is predicted in this report, the hope for all who call on Christ for salvation is that we will be made perfect in order to be with Him and enjoy Him forever. One thing we can count on in this life, as it says in the Scriptures: things will go from bad to worse in the last days. I’m personally convinced we have been in the last days since Christ ascended to heaven, and to not focus too much on eschatology, but rather focus on our future hope, the glory of God in the face of Christ that we will enjoy and be satisfied by forever. Because of His death, resurrection, power, and work in us and for us who believe, we are more than conquerors! This is our hope and reading reports like this simply make me want to flee to Christ and trust Him all the more, because it shows me how nothing can be trusted in this place for eternal hope. So in reading this, remember Christ and the hope you have in Him the whole time. Apart from Him and His joy made perfect in us through the sustaining of our faith in Christ, a bleak future remains here and forever for all humanity under His wrath and displeasure. May we flee to Christ for refuge no matter what the cost down the road!