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The original intent of the change was to save on energy, not to give us an extra hour of light (though that was a benefit, at least to me). But now this article indicates that the supposed drop in energy consumption that would result has not occurred. In fact it appears people are using about the same amount of energy, just in the morning now instead of the evening. It would be nice if the energy department would have done some actual planning before imposing infrastructure-wide changes on the entire nations IT systems. I mean I can’t tell you how many machines I had to update to comply with the new change. And that takes time, and time on the job takes money, and think of how many systems exist in this nation that had to be changed and how many people had to be paid to update them. That’s a lot of money that was spent in vain. Just frustrating, but oh well. Not the end of the world, and besides, I like the extra hour of light in the early part of spring anyway. My point is basically about the planning of our government institutions … and some people really believe more government is the answer to our social issues? Hmmm … let’s take this as an example of how inefficient that would be. I mean consider this type of planning on issues that are a little more important than DST.