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George Lopez, according to this LA Times blog entry, after his show was canceled, is quoted as saying, “TV just became really, really white again.” Let’s turn the tables around and theoretically say that if 24 was canceled and Kiefer Sutherland stated in anger, “TV just became really, really black again,” or “TV just became really, really Mexican again.” Wouldn’t you hear from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson or the LULAC in about two seconds on MSNBC or CNN about how racist Sutherland is and what a Nazi bigot he is?

Why is it there is no outrage of the same nature as when Imus made his comments and was fired, essentially being silenced? To be consistent with the Imus firing, shouldn’t Lopez be silenced as well in the form of a discrimination lawsuit or something? No, rather what would happen is he would say he was being discriminated against and would sue those attempting to sue him, and probably win! The double-standards in our society seem to be increasing. One guy says something, and gets fired. Another guy can say what he wants without fear of retribution. In fact, he’ll probably somehow make money off of the deal. Racism is alive and well in our society, just in a different form than before. Pay attention here, Lopez’s statement is blatantly racist, and going totally unchecked. That’s the way these things go I guess … just some observations.