… y_sharpton

It’s great to see that in the political discourse leading up to the presidential election, leaders from both political fronts are using God as their pawn to 1-up the other and gain political ground. I don’t understand why believers here call this a Christian nation. It is just as decadent, wickedly depraved, and sinful as any other country in the world (if not moreso), we’re just a lot more cleaned up about it on the outside in our “civilized” society. Sharpton has no interest in the things of Christ (only politics), and Romney’s a Mormon (believing Christ to be one of many gods). They both have lost the Gospel. Sharpton is using God as a means to defend his liberal, racist political agenda, and Romney is doing the same thing, just in a different manner. Praise God our ultimate hope is not in the conservative or liberal agendas, but is in Christ alone and his political Kingdom, the glory of God being enjoyed by His people forever.