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More than anything, this makes me really sad for how our society can justify the murder of unborn children at a legal level. My wife is about to deliver our first child in a few weeks. And to see a baby moving inside of her, responding to me when I talk, I cannot possibly conceive how anyone, in such an organized, political manner, can justify abortion, as if it is some badge of honor to give legal consent to commit murder. And this is only because God has changed my heart by His grace, otherwise I would be darkened in my understanding just as those are who approve of such awful, horrific things. I take no credit for my stance on abortion. I am a sinner, and without the restraint of God turning me from my sin by His grace, I would by justifying abortion in the same manner. We are so prone to sin and we cannot even perceive how exposed we are.

So, could I be outraged and take up an offense against these particular Democrats on the basis of morality? Sure. Could I protest the politics of it all and defend the Republican stance against abortion? Absolutely. And I do defend the abolition of abortion. However, our ultimate hope as believers in Christ is not in the politics of this world, but of the politics of heaven where Christ reigns (His sovereignty over all things), where our citizenship lies. At the same time, I desire to do what I can in this world (voting) to keep people out of office who approve of and give free, unfettered easy access for citizens to commit infanticide. This to me trumps all other issues, as important as they are, because this is such a wickedly depraved act and exposes the rank unbelief that lies in the hearts of men. And to give approval of such things on a political level (as we already have) is to delve our nation further into unbelief of the Gospel. As far as the liberal stance on abortion is concerned, they do not need people like us yelling at them, they need us to love them by entering their lives, show them the Gospel, and they need their hearts of stone melted by the grace and mercy of God in Christ by the Holy Spirit.

They need the call of the Gospel, and in that the wakening of their souls from spiritual death to see the beauty of Christ. This is our only hope for changing people’s hearts to see the utter darkness of abortion: the work of the Holy Spirit to unbind hearts chained by sin. For such a sophisticated society as ours, we are one of the most barbaric cultures to approve of something as wretched as infanticide. May God have mercy on our nation and culture and cleanse us of our wickedness by His grace alone. Oh Lord, have mercy upon us as a people by turning our hearts from our wickedness.