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This was Obama speaking about Bush granting clemency to Scooter Libby. Really? I’m sorry but last I remember it was absolutely within the bounds of the law for the President of the United States to grant clemency. So I guess I’m not understanding what the bad politics are. Can someone explain this to me? What kind of politics must change? I guess Obama means to say he desires to rewrite laws so that a President cannot grant clemency? If that is the case, what other laws does he want to change that have existed for over two hundred years? Where does it stop? I’m sorry, Obama, but the bad politics do not just exist on the Republican side. There is much corruption coming from your own party as well.

List of President Clinton’s pardons:

Clinton’s explanation for why he pardoned: … 1183521600

And I submit to you, as a conservative, that Clinton was absolutely within the law to pardon the people he chose to. So what’s the problem with Bush pardoning someone? He has the right to do so.

This just shows that most of the leftist leaders in this country simply hate Bush not for any logically consistent reason, even when he performs the legal duties of his office, but they simply find joy in the hating of this President, because it promotes their political agenda.

Pelosi: “The president shows his word is not to be believed” … 2-20-24-17

Hillary: “In this administration, cronyism and ideology trump competence and justice” … 2-20-24-17

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