What a poor excuse for good historical research. Just shows how major media wants to change people’s minds concerning Christianity without giving people any real historical facts. I mean really, Jesus addresses His wife and son from the cross? Please … and I like the question from the narrator concerning John 19 when from the cross Jesus tells John (the disciple) to take care of His mother, Mary, “But can this [understanding] be later theology? Could it be that Jesus was talking to Mary Magdalene, his wife, asking her to protect their son?” Well, umm, no. And it can be historically proven. It’s amazing what actually goes as scholarship nowadays. You can just get a Ph.d in front of your name, make some controversial claims concerning Christ with historical data taken out of context or completely wrong, and end up as a historical source on the Discovery Channel. Amazing. Why is it there are all these specials on Christianity, attempting to debunk it historically? What about Islam or other religions? It just comes down to the fact that the world hates Christ and wants to suppress Him as long as they can. If they can go to the Scriptures and get people to think they are unreliable, then maybe they can turn people away from Christianity, is their thought.