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I believe at this point, people are so divided on “Global Warming” and now the new phrase that has been coined in its place, “Climate Change,” we need to all at the very least look at the problems and address them quickly. When you put global issues in terms of over-population, the destroying of vital terrestrial ecosystems like the rain forests, pollution of all forms (whether or not it’s causing global warming or not) are issues that all nations very quickly need to address with great urgency, because the world population is fixing to explode by 50% in the next 45-50 years. Here’s the problem though. In my estimation, every consumer “going green” only solves a marginal amount of the problem. Maybe more than marginal. But we need something more drastic.

Just down the street from me, bulldozers, dump-trucks, and other industrial machinery are pumping out tons of toxins into the atmosphere and are totally flattening fields in preparation for building more homes as well as setting up a new gas well. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done, just making the point that massive pollution is taking place and landscape is being destroyed. If we want things to start turning fast in favor of the environment, we need to go to the root of the problem, do we not? This involves, of course, newer power plants, factories, mines, maybe more efficient (or altogether newer technology – hydrogen fuel) for industrial machinery. But how do we do it? I have no answers for how you get corporations so reliant upon current technology for profits (which fund your mutual funds for your financial future, might I remind you) to move over to newer technology in a fast, seamless manner.

Over-population is another issue. I did not realize how bad this problem was until I read a statistic from a UN report today. By the year 2050, in 43 years, (when/if I’m 71) the world population will have increased about 50% to between 8 and 10 billion people from the current 6.6 billion. Here’s the report: Unbelievable. 20 years ago, the UN realized the world was at an unsustainable pace for consumption of resources. But their predictions of the world’s consumption rate were wrong. We have been consuming resources at a rate they never anticipated. What will the world look like in 43 years? So much has changed just in the past 43 years. World PopClock:

All I can say to all of this is praise God He will make the world new. I have no idea where the world is headed. Eventually, it’s headed to renewal, but not until things get worse, per Revelation. Our hope is not like the rest of the world though, in trying to make perfect something that has been cursed by God at the fall of man into sin. Our hope is in Christ, the resurrection of our perfected bodies and a totally regenerated world, not in anything present. However, at the same time, there are things we can do to turn the tide of problems we’re bringing upon ourselves (i.e. more efficient ways of living, whatever that means). But it needs to happen at the producer level primarily, and then at the consumer level, when at the present time, it seems to be reversed. The whole going green thing is just a nice marketing slogan for corporations to bring in more dough (which I guess is good for mutual funds, but still, actually do something the helps the environment, instead of just trying to bring in customers).