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This is just unbelievably sad and angering to me for the sake of Christ. The people of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, protesting at the funeral of a soldier killed in action, and calling yourselves believers in Jesus Christ? And then Calvinists? They would be hard-pressed to show how they line up with the tender, loving, compassionate hearts of Charles Spurgeon, William Cary (who was himself opposed by hyper-Calvinists for doing missions), George Whitefield, and Jonathan Edwards, who were themselves Calvinists. I wouldn’t post a link to their website if they were not in the national news, just because these guys are a bunch of wingnuts and need no attention shined on them. However, because they are in the national news and are claiming to be Christians as well as Calvinists on their site, and do things so unloving in His name, they deserve all the attention in the world so they are exposed. If you go to the comments on the news article, you can see those who are already opposed to Christianity making their case even further because of these guys actions (granted, they too have no excuse for denying Christ, but still, I mean if you’re going to reject the Gospel, don’t reject it because of some fanatics).

These my friends are hyper-Calvinists, as well as neo-gnostic Calvinists (only “true” Calvinists are saved; absolutely repugnant). And after viewing many websites of hyper-Calvinist churches, I have never seen more hate-mongering than this church. Frankly, it’s unbelievable how hateful they are toward others and self-contradictory in their teaching. It seems they honestly believe they are without sin based on what they say. Where’s the humility? The poverty of spirit before the throne of God? It is non-existent, at least from what we can tell from a merely external point of view. It makes me angry first and foremost what they are doing to the name of Christ, totally stomping it under their feet. Next they are making an awful name for the church in America. And then finally the awful name they are making for Calvinists. I’m sure some people will hear the phrase Calvinist now and think of these guys, which is just sad.

Did Jesus not abhor the self-righteousness of the Pharisees more than anything else during His earthly ministry? It was so repulsive to Him that he addressed them at almost every turn in the Gospels. These hyper-Calvinists hate all “workers of iniquity” as they say, and yet, based on their actions toward other people who are trying to conduct a funeral for their slain family member, they are just that. They view themselves as being righteous enough to have been chosen by God (conditional election, though they would never say this directly) and are thus on “God’s side” because of how good they are and the rest of us are not chosen because of how morally repugnant we are. Everyone who doesn’t see things exactly as they see them (on every little jot and tittle of theology) are hell bound (myself included), as they say, “end of story, period.”

These people only make Christ, His church (as well as Calvinists) look awful. They reek of lives full of hate and evil toward other people. These are the type of people out on blogs making such hateful comments concerning the sovereignty of God to others who are either struggling with it or opposed to it and just need some more patient, loving, good Scriptural explanations. Were not the Pharisees just like these people in terms of their hate? Claiming to know the things of God, and yet their hearts were far from Him, as Jesus said? He said that you will know them by their fruits. And that is some bad fruit my friends.

I’m very sorry for the name of their site, as this type of hate-speech is not what characterizes true, historic Christianity, but is a fringe, cult-like group: