Well, I ordered Courtney, my wife, a laptop from Dell on December 7th and it’s still not here. Not only that, the arrival date has been changed, once again, to January 8th. One month! That’s a long time for an order to come through. And considering the fact that I can get a comparable laptop for $150 less than this Dell laptop at Best Buy just down the street (and get it right now, as opposed to one month later), Dell is showing to me at least how much their service has gone down hill over the years. They apparently did not logistically plan for the number of orders they received this Christmas season and now they are paying for it. I logged in to the Dell support chat to see if they could give me an extra GB of memory for having to wait and they refused. When I asked why, he just told me they couldn’t without any real reason. But when I called into support, they told me the laptop was almost finished being assembled and was close to being shipped so that’s why they couldn’t add anything to the order. So that made a little more sense. Oh well, I mean it’s not a huge deal … but if someone can get a cheaper laptop with almost the exact same specs right now, why would they want to order a Dell at all? I’m thinking this may be the last time I order a Dell. Tell that to Dell’s CEO.