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This really spoke to me, because I have a tendency to be uber-critical of those [American, Christian-culture, Mega-Church, Easy-believist, culturally traditional] types that I, in my 28 years of wisdom (being facetious), deem inauthentic at times, when really, I do the very same things they do in different ways, its just I’m arrogant and think I have the upper-hand of “authenticity”. For instance, instead of placing a icthus (Christian fish) on my car and thus proclaiming “I’m a Christian” to the world, I don’t (because I personally think it’s cheesy) and therefore I think I’m better than those who do. At the heart of this thinking though is a way in which I have not “gotten the Gospel”, and it amounts to works-righteousness and unbelief in the Gospel that would instead humble me in this area. May God show me mercy for my sin (as He does in Christ; there would be no hope for me without His forgiveness) … All I can say is I’m a sinner, prone to exalt myself and what I think is right above others. This is evil and amounts to idolatry and evil desire on my part. “Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God through Christ!” Praise Him He would show me (and maybe some of you) areas in which I’m (we’re) faulty and guilty of self-righteousness that I (we) may find healing and authentic humility worked into me (us) by the work of Christ alone.