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The pro-choice, liberal camp would position itself as helpers of the poor and afflicted, yet %90 of abortion clinics are in low-income, minority-based urban areas and “Black and Hispanic women suffer 56% of all abortions while representing only 25% of the female population,” according to this article. Abortion clinics are specifically targeting urban neighborhoods basically. And it would in no way surprise me if the overarching design is to reduce overpopulation in these areas. The people who support and run these abortion clinics are ruining the lives of minorities in particular; emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Is this not a subtle (or rather blatant) form of racism?

This is a really good article on praying for the third wave of anti-abortion activists, really the only hope for abolishing abortions altogether: Black and Hispanic believers who desire to see the end of abortion, by working from the inside out of their own communities. The first wave of anti-abortion activists were predominantly Catholic, the second Evangelical, and now the hope is that the third wave will rise from within urban communities themselves. If the left really loved the poor, why would they be in favor of murdering their children? In fact, it sounds fairly racist. Makes no sense to me … and Obama voted for legislation in favor of what are called “live birth abortions,” where a child is born mongloid, for instance, and is in need of immediate care or it will die within 45 minutes of being born. So the mom decides she doesn’t want it because of its disorder, and then the nurses take the baby, put it in a room by itself, and they just let the baby die. What an abominable, sick practice. And people want this guy making giant, life-altering decisions for the country when supporting such a wicked form of blatant infanticide? His moral compass is jacked beyond all recognition to be able to support something like this. Makes me weep just thinking about that awful practice.

People are calling for change with Obama, but what kind of change, for better or worse, morally speaking? Where does it stop? We are on a slippery slope. Should I have the “right” to personally abort the life of someone else who may have inconvenienced my life in an unexpected way? “But they took away my rights!” It is the same argument. But with abortion, instead of a grown adult, it is a live, human baby! What about the baby’s rights? And how much more pernicious is this act than someone murdering another person? Just consider it …