This free program makes it possible to install all your favorite applications on a thumb drive or iPod and take it anywhere with you. You can then connect your device to any Windows XP machine (like a public machine) and utilize all of your apps with no trace of it left on the host machine (including all of your browsing). Totally awesome! Haven’t tried it out at all, so I don’t know how it actually works in practice. And for the person using it, it is very secure. And that’s the problem I see. For me personally, it is a great way to be secure wherever I am. But what about for the hacker? The concern I have is for people who utilize this that desire to do harm to a company or organization. It’s super secure for the person using it, and that’s the problem; maybe it’s a little too secure. With the recent wave of Chinese corporate espionage taking place, this is just one more tool in their arsenal to obtain sensitive information. If this app leaves no trace of activity on the host machine (other than leaving a log of a device connecting via USB), it opens up organizations for the potential to get hacked hard and have no way to find out what the person actually did on the host machine. So this is incredible technology, and yet also opens the door for some serious holes.