Obama and his staffers have done a tremendous, uber-intelligent job at marketing to the younger generation. All of his speeches, short video clips I’ve seen on the internet, and other various audio clips where he speaks make it sound as if he’s bi-partisan and not like other politicians out there. “I’ll do things differently in Washington, unlike those other politicians, uniting this country instead of dividing it,” is basically all I’m hearing from him. Yet, if he wins the Presidency, he will encounter the same red tape the Democrats currently in control of congress have encountered, though they said the same thing he’s saying. He will have the same pressures coming down upon him in the White House just like every other President before him, preventing him from accomplishing wall he desires. He’s done great at marketing himself as a “third” “uniting instead of dividing” option over against the Republicans and Democrats, so he claims. He’s also popular because he has such a short political track-record; he basically does not have the dirt other older politicians may have from decisions they’ve made that may not have been the wisest.

But no one realizes that Obama’s short voting record in congress is one of the most liberal of any Senator! He’s not just a liberal Democrat, but a very liberal, far-left leaning Democrat. However, he presents himself as a middle of the road, “bridging the gap” type of politician that will move us in a new direction. Yes he will do just that potentially, and it may not be for the long-term good (though maybe, perhaps, for the short-term). But no one thinks in those terms anymore, so that’s why he’s so popular with the younger generation; they don’t think long-term, just the here and now (haven’t we all at some point in life though?). Anyway, I suspect Obama will win the Presidential race (though I very well could be wrong) as his appeal to people on both sides makes him prime to go all the way to the top. And yet it seems people from my generation would vote for him simply because he is charismatic, young, “trendy,” articulates himself very well, and can get a crowd all emotionally charged. The Republicans could learn a few things from him for sure about presentation. Sometimes they’re just boring, I do have to say. But I’ll take boring and traditional over socialist and trendy any day.

The other day on talk radio though, I heard someone say about Obama’s speech after he won the Iowa Caucus for the Democrats (and his speeches in general), that they’ve never heard someone say so much, with no actual content pertaining to the issues, so eloquently. I agree. He’s great at saying nothing very well. The other night was simply a pep rally speech after the Iowa Caucus. He said nothing of actual value, addressing any issues, but simply spoke from emotions. And that’s exactly what people like about him. He connects with the people’s hearts and emotions. And man, isn’t that what our culture bases almost every decision on now? “How does this or that thing or person meet my felt needs?” (Which is also how the evangelical church is preaching to a large degree, which is another issue). Obama is dynamic and presents himself very well, and I have to hand it to him, he’s brilliant in that regard. And I will not be voting for him, mainly over abortion, socialist healthcare, increasing taxation (which will just kill the economy), amongst a host of other issues. And this whole deal about “change”? Yeah, guys like him want to bring the same kind of change that’s coming to Europe right now: the nanny-state; the government invading into our personal lives, dictating what can and cannot be done on a micro-managerial level. Check this out … http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5iPF … Bp0IvlPkDw … where does it stop? That’s right, it doesn’t. Just watch the movie Children of Men to see where the nanny-state could potentially lead.

The Democrats would make it sound like Bush is the one imposing the government in all of our lives with the NSA warrant-less wiretapping (of, might I say, suspected terrorists communicating with other terrorists overseas who want to do us harm, like that of 9/11?), and yet, the Democrats are the ones in favor of bigger government, higher taxes, turning over more and more private services to government control. Makes no sense. Norway’s people are hating the choices they made now where the tax rate is like 75% or higher. The average person there is getting to the point where they cannot buy necessities because they have no money and the government is inefficiently handling the services they need. And Obama’s the forerunner of this type of neo-socialism in the US! This whole thing is really showing me how much people in my generation do absolutely no fact-checking on candidates. “He’s culturally popular, trendy, young, speaks to my heart, speaks on behalf of the poor and the working-class, not like those other politicians who can’t change things; therefore, I vote for him.” I will not be.