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Listen to the audio above, just five minutes long … And I have to ask myself, what kind of internal, fundamental morality and worldview is this man and those who support him coming from? It is anti-Christ, purely secular, atheistic in nature. And he approves of one of the most deviant, evil forms of abortion there is – Live Birth Abortions. How I pray believers would feel the weight of this issue in relation to the proclamation of Christ and the Gospel. It is not just one issue among the cornucopia of issues out there to mull through during this election. It is the primary issue, more than the economy, more than healthcare, and immigration. Why? Because to give approval to such an awful act is to risk the hardening hand of God coming to this culture to the point where the Gospel no longer has the power to save because the depravity is in too deep, much in the same way God has hardened Israel for a time for rejecting their Messiah (Romans 9-11). It’s not that God can’t save (because we know the Lord is without limits to His power), but that He would choose not to save and allow us to remain in our sin and be lost for eternity. Frightening. That’s the short answer though. I cannot with a good conscience support anyone who is pro-choice, yet Obama is even more radical than most. Abortion is just an unbelievably horrific, morally detestable, wicked, barbaric act that eclipses the goodness, holiness, and glory of Christ ultimately.

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