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As Greg Koukl has talked about in a video on moral relativism (that I’m displaying below), a video I’ve wanted so many people I know to see so badly, each system of belief has a pinnacle, ultimate example of what that system produces. For example, the ultimate example of Judaism would be, say, Jesus; the ultimate example of Hinduism, Mahatma Gandhi; the ultimate example of modernistic atheism, Hitler and Stalin, and so on.

What is the end result of secular moral relativism though? Think about it. What does relativism say? All moral truths are equally valid and each person should decide for him or herself what is right and wrong without any outside influences imposed on them giving them direction. What does that ultimately produce? A sociopath, a person with no conscience. It produces a person that in an ultimate form bases the way in which they make choices upon what they think is right and wrong. Is that not what mass murderers do? Rapists? Thieves? “I think things should be this way and I will make it happen.” They are deciding for themselves what is right and wrong, aren’t they?

Why is the number of people in prison so high? And why are we the nation with the most people in jail per capita, more than any other nation!? Because moral relativism, evangelistically spread and lobbied for by secularists in our society (thus imposing their moral views on the collective society), particularly within major urban areas, is corrupting our society from the inside out and the statistics in the article above prove that to be the case. We have more and more people running around thinking they determine what’s right and wrong (that there are no moral absolutes) and we are now morally and spiritually bankrupt as a result. And it is getting worse. Teens are growing up in broken homes, looking for answers, and then they hear from teachers, “You decide what’s best for you.” That is culturally frightening on a macro scale. Just as modernistic atheism produced characters like Hitler and Stalin, so postmodern atheism will produce people on an equal plain, excluding anyone who would hold to any form of absolute divine moral truth outside of themselves (which by the way is the only logical explanation for why something IS absolutely and definitively wrong, like the hacking up of babies in Africa by genocidal tribes).

And we think this is going to get better with one of the most extremely morally relativistic Presidents to ever possibly enter the White House, setting the tone for the rest of the country? I think not. “Change” is not always a good thing my friends. May we turn to Christ and ask for His mercy to 1) revolutionize people’s thinking with the Gospel, and 2) prepare believers for hardship endured in the face of possibly being excluded for being exclusive. It’s already beginning to happen in Britain in the form of law suits. And it will soon be here if cultural patterns continue to mirror that of Europe.

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