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Nominal Christianity, that is, Christianity without Jesus as the single greatest of all people above all others for all time; Christianity that sees Jesus as just a man, and not as the God-man who effectually purchased sinners with His blood on the cross, is no Christianity at all. Christianity without Christ at its center, not as just a good teacher or moral founder, but as God Himself come in the flesh, is a utterly dead religion. And it is clear Obama’s form of Christianity is dead because of his stance on something so abominable. I find it contradictory that he claims Christianity as his religion of choice, seeing as how Christianity itself affirms with Proverbs 6:17 that God hates hands that shed innocent blood, mainly because Obama himself has approved of legislation in Illinois in favor of live-birth abortions, which I have spoken of before. He may not himself perform the abortions, but that does not negate his culpability in approving of this horrendous, evil, blatant form of infanticide that the West has ever seen at the legal level.

His passive approval (or even his active approval really) of this act defies the clear implications in Scripture that a heart supernaturally changed by the Holy Spirit will do things that please the Lord (albeit imperfectly), not things that He disdains with all His heart. There is no repentance for Obama concerning abortion (and in particular that form of it), but instead, he continues to fan the flames of something that is eating that heart out of the moral fabric of our society. I find it sad and frightening at some level, that so many high school and college students are buying into this guy wholeheartedly, just because he is such a charismatic, well-spoken individual, speaking the word “change” a thousand times.

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“I pray to Jesus every night and try to go to church as much as I can.”

And this means you are a devout Christian, by living up to a list of moral “do’s” and “don’ts” as your basis for acceptance before God? Seems to me he confuses the Christian worldview understanding of what makes a person right before God with that of Islam. This here, again, demonstrates his misunderstanding of the fundamentals of orthodox Christianity, namely, the Gospel itself. He sees religion, and particularly Christianity, as a works-based religion, along with all the other religions in the world. Okay, so you’re not a Christian. That does not bother me in the least bit that as a non-Christian he is running for office. He has the freedom in this country to do that. But at least be honest about your faith.

The Christian message is the opposite of the world’s other various religions (just pick one). They pretty much all say, “Do this, do that, and you will be accepted by God for eternity in heaven.” But the Gospel, the fundamental heart of the Christian faith says, “We are unable to perform anything right that would please God enough for the degree to which we have offended Him. Therefore, Christ, God Himself, has entered into history as a man to perform that which we would never be able to accomplish by ourselves: moral perfection before the eyes of the Father on behalf of any who would trust Him for their salvation.” In other words, “Through Christ we are accepted, not on the basis of our good works and deeds, but on the basis of His good works and deeds for us, in our place, that we could never measure up to.”

Obama’s statement shows that before God, he has a laundry list of things he sees himself as having done right as payment for any wrongs committed against God’s honor and glory. However, none of his best deeds would ever be able to fish him out of the trouble all of us are in without Christ, because the one offended is infinitely glorious and the honor offended is infinite. You cannot buy off God basically. But Christ fulfilled the law of God out of love for those who trust Him. That is the Christian message. So please, Obama, do not abuse “the faith once for all delivered to the saints” as a means for political gain. That just turns me off even more from you.