Women win right to children without fathers (in Britain)
Coming to grips with same-sex marriage ruling (in California)

Much can be said about all this, but only a few things are needed: we are looking at the hardening of people’s hearts in the West toward not only a Christian worldview, but even more specifically, the Gospel. With the disintegration of the family as ordained by God in both society and at the official policy-making levels, human relationships are being redefined, reordered, and the social chaos that results will be the continued disintegration of society at large, morally, socially, ethically, emotionally, psychologically, in every facet of human experience. The implications of the decisions made in Britain in recent days affect every realm of society at large, including the church. In America, not just in Britain, we have our own redefinition of human relationships and families in the recent decisions by the California Supreme Court. And do not think this will not happen across the country. California is only the beginning. We are not just headed toward a slippery slope, we are on it I am afraid, and the slope is getting steeper. Where does all of this stop?

From bioethical decisions being made, to relationships being redefined, we are seeing the outpouring of hatred toward a holy, eternal God who rules all things by the power of His word. This saddens my heart, greatly. We are seeing the outright rejection and suppression of His righteousness through acts of unrighteousness, just as Romans 1 is clear to explain in great detail. Here is some great analysis on all of this by Albert Mohler: http://www.albertmohler.com/blog_read.php?id=1154 http://www.albertmohler.com/blog_read.php?id=1153

Oil prices rise (to $132/barrel) after government report of a drop in crude and gasoline inventories
Shortage fears push oil futures near $140

It’s odd to me that we have just as much oil right underneath our feet as there is over in the Middle East, according to geologists. Yet we are unable to drill for it because of an absurd, atheistic, religiously environmental worldview that is imposing their “religion” upon all of us through repressive legislation that keeps us from obtaining that oil. And then they complain about our tie to foreign reserves and the high prices? I don’t get it. Everyone blames the conservatives and oil execs for high energy prices, demanding they be “burned at the stake” by putting them in these stupid hearings in Washington (that our tax dollars are paying for by the way). But their hands are tied by ridiculous liberal policies that do not allow them to pursue a vast supply of energy right underneath our feet. We can’t drill in Anwar, we can’t drill on the coastal shores, places where there are literally billions upon billions of barrels of oil. Oddly enough though, now China is drilling on our own shores, 45 miles off the Florida coast, something we can’t even do! http://www.americanfreepress.net/html/c … lling.html What a backward world … the illogical absurdities are mounting in our society. This is just one example.

While I myself can become very frustrated with all these things (though the oil thing is secondary in nature to the other ethical issues mentioned), I must stake my hope elsewhere, beyond the things of this world because they are fleeting and crumbling. Praise God that though things may be frustrating, backward and just plain offensive to God and His people, we have a sovereign Lord for which nothing happens outside the counsel of His will, according to His good pleasure and choice. That gives me hope, that though things may fall apart around us in all kinds of different ways, Jesus is the King of kings and will see to it that all things are made right in the end. That is something we can bank on: God’s immovable justice and love, clearly displayed in all its glory in the cross of Jesus. So if oil runs out, if our society corrupts to the point of massive moral chaos in the streets and in homes (to a dark point we have yet to see), if Christians are increasingly persecuted in the West, we can stake our trust, hope, and lives upon the solid foundation of Christ’s death and resurrection for us, knowing we can look forward to the reward of enjoyment in His presence. To sum all of this up, for believers, despite the utter corruption in the world, and the inescapable day when our own lives come to an end, everything will work out, and therefore, we have nothing to fear. If God is for us, who can be against us?