Update: The audio files and pdf are no longer available on the solidfoodmedia.com site because it’s non-existent, but they are available below. This is still a great church history series.

Pastor R.W. Glenn at Redeemer Bible Church in Minnetonka, MN, has now completed his Sunday School lecture series on church history. This series focuses on the development of theology in the history of the church. In addition to the MP3’s available at www.solidfoodmedia.com, I emailed the church and requested a PDF document of all the notes he gave out during the series to go along with the lectures, which is extremely helpful when sorting through all of this information. With his permission, I am posting the PDF in this entry. I have listened to a majority of the lectures now and can’t tell you how helpful this is to understanding the history of our faith! As Tommy Nelson from Denton Bible Church has said in his series on church history a while back, “Church history is the plumb-line of theology.” Or in other words, church history is the lab as opposed to the lecture (theology). Here is the series in its entirety. Enjoy!

Lecture Notes (PDF)
Lecture 1 – Introduction (MP3)
Lecture 2 – 1st Century (MP3)
Lecture 3 – 2nd Century (MP3)
Lecture 4 – 3rd Century (MP3)
Lecture 5 – 4th Century (MP3)
Lecture 6 – 5th Century (MP3)
Lecture 7 – 6th Century (MP3)
Lecture 8 – 7th Century (MP3)
Lecture 9 – 8th Century (MP3)
Lecture 10 – 9th Century (MP3)
Lecture 11 – 10th Century (MP3)
Lecture 12 – 11th Century (MP3)
Lecture 13 – 12th Century (MP3)
Lecture 14 – 13th Century (MP3)
Lecture 15 – 14th Century (MP3)
Lecture 16 – 15th Century (MP3)
Lecture 17 – 16th Century – Part 1 (MP3)
Lecture 18 – 16th Century – Part 2 (MP3)
Lecture 19 – 16th Century – Part 3 (MP3)
Lecture 20 – 17th Century (MP3)
Lecture 21 – 18th Century (MP3)
Lecture 22 – 19th Century (MP3)
Lecture 23 – 20th Century (MP3)
Lecture 24 – 21st Century (MP3)