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“Let’s get this software out as fast as possible without setting up the proper infrastructure and implementing a stable design,” seems to be the motto for giant proprietary software vendors like Microsoft, in light of Vista’s implementation upheaval.

But now Apple is the next “bad management” culprit. It appears today as if the iPhone update to version 2.0 is not going so well. In fact, for many, it could possibly be disastrous, much in the same way many I know have lost their purchased iTunes altogether because of some iPod software issue (in the form of a total software reinstall which wipes out all their content, content that wasn’t backed up either, which is a separate issue).

This is one of the reasons I just don’t deal with Apple products in general, particularly iPods, iPhones, etc.: they are too dependent upon a system that is unstable in it’s deployment of new OS software. When it works it works, when it doesn’t it doesn’t, then all your data is gone, and you must reinstall the software from the bottom up.

Now I don’t have a Mac personal computer, so I don’t know about those. From what I’ve heard, they’re great to work with, that’s at least what everyone tells me. However, they are way out of my price range when I can get something with the same processing speed for literally a quarter of the cost.

I would like to add too though that I am not very pleased with how poorly Microsoft has been managing their software deployments either, such as Vista and XP SP3. For companies, these deployments have been disastrous and expensive, costing profit. I’m convinced these companies need to start setting their project deadlines back further instead of quickly just throwing something out there and hoping it works for the sake of a dollar. Maybe consider moving away from a profit-centric business model to a more customer-centric model and profits will inevitably increase as a result?