“You can put, uh, lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.” – Obama.

Let’s just reverse the political playing field for a moment, all things being even. Can you imagine the back lash from the left (not to mention the media) if McCain had made a comparable statement about Hillary a few months ago? The double standard here is strikingly bright, like phosphorus reacting with chlorine gas (okay, nerdy illustration, but you get the point).

In other related news: Student GOP leader resigns over Obama remark … So, a Republican student makes a very racially insensitive statement against Obama and gets rightfully canned (by his own party members I might add), and yet Obama can make such insensitive statements toward a woman running for the VP slot, as the one above, and not go unchecked, even by his own party, who implicitly and explicitly pride themselves as being the founders of political correctness, equality and sensitivity? Please. I must say this is turning out to be a very revealing election about the philosophically illogical inner-workings of relativism in our society. It is impossible to put on a “neutral position” face forever. Eventually, you’re true colors will begin showing, especially if you are running for President.