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Two ex-Guantanamo inmates appear in Al-Qaeda video

(Original): http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5hZfIcWnHqBz4kQR90lC_pXaHeW4Q

(Archived): http://www.westerfunk.net/archives/terrorism/Two%20ex-Guantanamo%20inmates%20appear%20in%20Al-Qaeda%20video/

You see? This is what happens when you let terrorists go that were in your custody. The fundamental problem with the West is that we do not understand the Islamic, Middle Eastern worldview. And I think this is true for those on the left and the right. On the right, we presume we can impose a Western style government upon an already existing theocracy (such as in Iraq). On the left, we think that simply being nice and kind will win them over. But we are all projecting a postmodern, Western ideology and worldview upon their thinking and worldview when this is simply not how they live or make decisions. We think we can give them the benefit of the doubt, but then, just like this, they’ll turn around and try to kill us again. Unfortunately, these people only understand a bullet. They are ruthless and cannot be reasoned with. Give them an inch, and they’ll slash you with the extra room. They are, as the Psalms describes of men thirsty for blood, brute beasts. And sadly, as much as I hate it myself, that means war.

I honestly think Obama’s actions now on Gitmo and other decisions he’ll make in the near future will send a signal to the terrorists that we’re weak and they will plot all the more to destroy us. But, hey, I could be wrong. I hope I’m wrong actually. I do know one thing: in the eight years after 9/11, we weren’t attacked once while under Bush’s leadership. That doesn’t mean there weren’t things that should have been done differently, but not attacked once? That’s saying something. I hope the same holds true under Obama.


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  1. Ryan Brown


    How about instead of, “And sadly, as much as I hate it myself, that means war” we say but by God’s grace this would be me, so I will leave my comforts and go live among them and love them as Christ has loved me.

    I would love to hear your thoughts.


  2. Ryan,

    Hey man! Thanks for commenting …

    I’m always willing to admit I’m wrong, and in this case I am. I was thinking merely in terms of the political. But bringing it down to a personal level, you’re right. “Go live among them and love them as Christ has loved me.” You’re right, this should be our ultimate motivation and goal. Thanks.


  3. Ryan Brown


    Thanks for the open mind and heart.

    Abby and I will be back in April and I look forward to seeing you.


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