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Postmodernism and The Emerging Church – Phil Johnson (MP3’s)

You Can’t Handle The Truth: Addressing the Tolerance of Postmodernism (MP3) – 3.3.2005

A Beginner’s Guide to Postmodernism (MP3) – 6.30.2006

What is the Emerging Church Movement, and why is it a problem? (MP3) – 7.1.2006

The Theory of Relativity (Understanding the influence of post-modern thought on the church today) (MP3) – 3.7.2007


How Did the Economic House of Cards Fall? (MP3’s)


Jihadist Training Camps on American Soil?


  1. Good stuff. I would like to link to this from my blog.

  2. Good stuff. I’d like to link to this from my blog.

  3. Please do! Thanks …

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