Why has the economy collapsed? The real, fundamental issue? “When you really get down to it, it’s the lack of ethics, the lack of morality that’s seeped into our society in the last decade that has largely brought us to this point.” – Eric Hovde.

Dead on right. And largely (though certainly some Republican policies aren’t without fault for some of this), liberal policies (at their root and by design) uphold this fundamental immorality at the political and legal levels in this country in the name of freedom. “Rights rights rights,” is the banner and mantra of liberalism.

And we just successfully elected by far the most liberal government in our history and hope to recover from this philosophy of life that got us into this mess? The philosophy that says we are entitled, have rights to the alternative gospel called “The American Dream,” or whatever we set our hearts on? Instead we have Congressmen and Congresswomen fighting for house-squater rights for people who can’t pay back their mortgages?

May the Lord be merciful to us because Eric is right: if everyone asserts their “rights” to their home (in which they are essentially stealing from banks by not paying on it and squating), the housing market will further collapse, the banking system will further collapse, and thus the economy will collapse. When that happens, social instability will result. That’s how wars start. And it’s happening all over the world at this moment. We would be very unwise and ignorant to think it can’t happen here.