Use the phrase New World Order around people and immediately you will get responses ranging from, “I know! The world government is coming upon us,” to “You’re a nut.” The phrase is often associated with conspiracy theories, some of which are out there. But nowadays, the term is being thrown around very freely in the press.

When I saw these news article titles below, I was kind of shocked, just because it was strange to see a term, associated mostly with many fanatics out there, being used as a normal term for, well, nothing short of some form of global governance. But what I find really interesting about these links below is that they are all from major media sources endorsing the concept of a world economy, which also calls for and implies a world governing body to govern that world economy with (hopefully) just laws. Check ’em out.

Henry Kissinger on the emerging New World Order:

According to the articles above, I think what Henry Kissinger is saying in this video in 2007, that “some day, in the next few years, a solution will emerge” – well, I think we’re getting closer every day to that solution, and Obama’s the perfect guy to get the U.S. thrown into it. In fact, Kissinger says this very thing at the beginning of this year on CNBC:

Whatever your take is on all of this, we are in uncharted waters …