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The Natives Are Getting Restless (Videos)

Bottom line: healthcare proposals and current/proposed taxes are ticking people off. As the unemployment rate sinks further, and these people can’t find jobs, and on top of this, the weight of more taxes and payments are forced on the American public by an incompetent government, people are going to start fighting back in various forms. As Gerald Celente says, “When people lose everything and have nothing to lose, they lose it.” Unless things start turning the tide in the broader economy, we’re going to start seeing more of this I believe. And it could get ugly.

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  1. Terry Ashby

    Hello David,

    Question for you: why is the government in your words “incompetent”? And has it always been incompetent or is this a recent phenomenon?

    And how is it that these things are “forced” on the American people? The American people voted for these people to enact these type of measures. They are not easy measures. They may not even be exactly right, but the majority of Congress was elected to enact these measures.

    To post such a one sided posting on such complicated and emotional topics does everyone including yourself and your website a disservice.

    I would appreciate a little more thought, caring, and reflection before you post such inflammatory information.


  2. Terry,

    Thanks for commenting.

    With all due respect, it’s just an opinion, which is kind of the point of having a blog. I agree that the majority elected these people … but I didn’t. And many of the people who did elect these reps are seeing what’s coming and are speaking out now.

    When Congress votes on legislation without having read it, that to me is incompetence and denies the very reason we voted them in: to represent the people. Well, they’re not doing their job by not reading legislation.

    You said, “To post such a one sided posting on such complicated and emotional topics does everyone including yourself and your website a disservice.”

    First of all, disservice to who, liberals, because they disagree with me? Isn’t having a “one-sided” opinion not the very nature of having an opinion in the first place? Would you deny my right to voice my opinion simply because it doesn’t fit your standards of “acceptance” and egalitarianism?

    Are you calling for me to have no settled opinion on the matter? That makes no sense. Well, I do. I believe this healthcare legislation is absolute nonsense and will ruin the country on several fronts. That’s my opinion. Could I be wrong? Sure. Do I believe I am? No. I fervently believe this legislation will ruin the healthcare system.

    So if I disagree with you on this issue, and my opinion flies in the face of what you want and desire, somehow I’m doing a disservice to society? If you want me to be honest, that right there is the height of excluding others, an exclusion of me and my opinion in the conversation, because you posit your position as if you were humbly in the middle with no real belief that any one way is best. Yet, ironically, in the very process, you would deny my opinion as being in any way valid at all, because of what you claim is an opinion that lacks “thought, “care,” and “reflection.” I’m sorry, but that to me is pure, unadulterated exclusion of others masquerading as acceptance. But then again, that’s just an opinion.

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