(For the record, I do not necessarily agree with every view in this interview. As far as Moore is concerned, I agree with him concerning the assessment of the problems, that bankers (though I would add the government intertwined with the bankers) have created the problems. But I do not agree with his assessment that capitalism, as a theory, is the problem that perpetuated this crisis … bankers and big government are the problem.)

It stunned me this was aired on PBS with Bill Moyers, of all places: … really worth watching. These are not some right-wing, gun-slingin,’ militia crazies from the boondocks. In this 20 minute interview, former IMF Chief Economist Simon Johnson and Rep. Kaptur (D-OH) discuss the likelihood that a financial coup d’etat has taken place in our economy. Very fascinating and startling. I never thought I would be hearing these things coming from the likes of PBS with Bill Moyers. Glenn Beck? Sure, you would expect that. But PBS? The conversation in the financial industry is taking a major turn now.

As opposed to Michael Moore’s solution, which is “get rid of capitalism and setup something better,” maybe we need to setup a truly, thorough capitalist free market system and get the government out of the middle of things (the very entity exacerbating our problems). In addition, maybe we need to throw out all of our representatives from the top down and get real politicians in there who actually represent the people, who aren’t intimately intertwined with corporate interests (on the left and right), and particularly the bankers, and take our country back.

We’re being sold down a river by a bunch of rich, elitist frauds who are consolidating wealth into the hands of a few, stealing from the middle class, and all perpetuated and aided by an over-reaching central bank who wants its hands in everything in the financial world. I become convinced of this more everyday, and interviews like the one above solidify those convictions. If someone has a different take on what is happening, I’d love to hear it.

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